Ballyblue Cheese

Our Ballyblue is one of the oldest blue cheeses in all of Ireland, having won many internationally awards, it’s still one of the best. Streaks of blue run through the cheese to give a piquant sharpness that complements, yet contrasts wonderfully, with the mild creaminess of soft cheese.

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Ballybrie   product image

Ballybrie Cheese

Hand made in small batches by our master cheesemakers, Ballybrie is a fine Irish Brie made using only the best quality local milk from our own herds. With a wonderfully rich velvety centre when young, Ballybrie matures to give a gorgeously gooey centre when ripe so it can be enjoyed
at any age. Click through to our recipe section for tasty ways to cook with brie.

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Ballyoak    product image

Ballyoak Cheese

Hand made with care, each individual truckle is slowly smoked in our kiln using sustainably foraged oakwood from the local and enchanting Forest of Caledon. Plumes of aromatic smoke circulate around the cheese and impart a wonderfully smoky flavour to the silky, butter–like texture of the soft cheese. This also gives a rich rustic crust that looks beautiful on any cheeseboard.

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